Erisha Agritech has launched its Rotavators in Punjab and other States

Gomselmash has launched Darsh Palesse Rotavators in India in Galaxy, Planet, Cosmos, Optima and Teeny series. These rotavators are being used for is a versatile implement for all range of Tractors to perform different soil functions such as mixing, pulverisation, puddling & levelling at the same time. It is very much useful for removing the crop residues from the field and preparing the soil for the next crop. It makes soften the soil and makes it levelled for sowing. Its strong frame assembly helps the implement to work in different types of soil without any wear and tear. It loosens and aerates soil up to 6-7 inches deep. Darsh Palesse rotavators are made with boron steel blades which give more life to rotavators.